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[IL2CPP] Generic class with struct inside dynamic-link library returns type (this.GetType()) "System.Object" instead of class



Reproduction steps:
1) Open project
2) Open and run "scene" scene
-- Press "Space" button and notice in console that data1, data2 and data3 are not null
3) Make sure that IL2CPP is selected
4) Build and run project on Android device
5) Touch screen and check adb logcat output

Expected result:
data1 (also data2 and data3) should not be null, as in Editor or when building with Mono2x.

Actual result:
data1 (also data2 and data3) are set to null because "GetType()" inside of struct returned System.Object instead of that class' type. (compare adb logcat output with editor's console output)

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