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WheelCollider: when collider position doesn't match the position of parent object WC is positioned wrong



Steps to reproduce:

1. Open "" project
2. Open scene bug
3. Select "GameObject" and scale it
4. Notice that wheel collider is scaled incorrectly
5. Select "GameObject>boxColliders" and remove the box collider
6. Scale "GameObject" and notice that bug still persists
7. Remove rigidbody from the "GameObject" and attach it again
8. Scale "GameObject" and notice that bug is no longer present

- This bug occurs when the object which has box collider attached isn't in the same position as its parent object. If we set the position of "GameObject>boxColliders" to (-1, 0, 0) and set the center of its box collider to (1, 0, 0) then the bug won't be present.
- Any type of collider can cause this bug (e.g. box collider, capsule collider)

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