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"Identifier uniqueness violation" warning pops up when adding multiple MonoBehaviour to model prefab root via AssetPostprocesso

Asset Importers


How to reproduce:
1. Open attached Unity project
2. Reload "MyCustomModel" asset

Result: Warning appears:
Identifier uniqueness violation: 'Name://RootNode, Type:MonoBehaviour'. Multiple Objects with the same name/type are generated by this Importer. There is no guarantee that subsequent imports of this asset will properly re-link to these targets.

Reproduced with: 2019.2.7f1, 2019.3.0b5, 2020.1.0a5.
Not reproduce with: 2017.4.32f1, 2018.4.10f1.
(Note: It was not reproducible before because the warning just didn't exist. The bug was always there)

How to see expected behavior:
1. Open CustomModelImport.cs script
2. Remove 11 or 12 line
3. Reimport model

Result: There is no warning in a Console window

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    Resolution Note:

    It's a problem in our design, we only take C++ type, so all MonoBehaviours to us is of same type. We would like to fix it, but there is no real way of fixing it without breaking backwards compatibility for all projects. We're tracking it in our internal system.

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