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Hub becomes unresponsive/slow when creating a project from a larger template

Package: Hub


*Steps to reproduce:*

1. Ensure that you have any 2023.3.X beta installed

2. Click New project

3. Select any 2023.3.X beta from the Editor Version list

4. Select the 3D Sample Scenes (URP) template and download it

5. Type in the Project name field for a little bit (anything works)

6. Try to scroll the project properties panel or click a check mark – it will be slow/unresponsive

*Actual results:* The Hub slows down when editing the project creation properties with certain templates

*Expected results:* No effects on responsiveness/performance

*Reproducible with versions:* 3.7.0

*Tested on (OS):* MacOS Sonoma, Ubuntu 22.04, Windows 11

*Note:* The same issue is visible when selecting other editor versions, but it's the most prominent with 23.3.X for some reason

  1. Resolution Note:

    Duplicate of an internal ticket

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