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[HDRP] When multiple scenes are used, Lighting tab can show incorrect information about Static Lighting

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline HD


In the lighting tab, we display the Static lighting of whatever scene is active (marked in bold in the hierarchy). However, instead of using the active scene, we use the latest for Static lighting. This can result in misinformation and confusion.

1) Open SceneA
2) Notice:
* The cube receives blue tint
* Static lighting is set to HDRI sky
* Warning on the Visual environment is correct (HDRI)
3) Now additively add SceneB
4) Notice:
* The cube has a red tint because it's affected by the Gradient sky in scene B
* Static lighting is still set to HDRI sky (incorrect information)
* Warning on the Visual environment is correct (Gradient Sky)

Expected: The static lighting is actually using what is set active (bold in the hierarchy) OR We display the correctly display information in the Lighting tab
Actual: UI Lighting tab says HDRI sky is used, in reality, Gradient sky is used.

This is a UX bug that can cause confusion. But I would understand that this can prove to be difficult/risky to implement and not be worth it.

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