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[HDRP] Warning which is shown when a disc light is used is misleading

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline HD


Steps to reproduce:

1. In the lighting settings window, make sure to enable Realtime Global Illumination
2. Make sure that Baked Global Illumination flag is unchecked
3. Create a new area light and set its shape to Disc
4. Pay attention to the warning that is shown. It claims that the light has been overridden to Realtime mode when Baked mode is set instead


- The warning should be altered to clearly state that disc lights are not supported by Enlighten Realtime GI (same as with tube lights)
- This issue only reproduces in HDRP. In Built-in RP and URP, light mode is not exposed for area lights
- Only reproduces with the latest HDRP master with Enlighten Realtime GI enabled

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