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[HDRP] [VFX] Shader errors are thrown in the Console when compiling a custom visual effect

Package: Visual Effect Graph


How to reproduce:
1. Open the project from the attached file ""
2. From Assets/Effects/Flare open the "FlareSmoke" VFX file
3. In the VFX asset window click on Compile
4. Inspect the Console

Expected result: VFX graph compiles without errors being thrown in the Console
Actual result:
"Shader error in 'Hidden/VFX/FlareSmoke/System (1)/Output Particle Lit Quad': 'VFXGetPositionRWS': no matching 1 parameter function at line 3048 (on d3d11)" and "Shader error in 'Hidden/VFX/FlareSmoke/System (1)/Output Particle Lit Quad': invalid subscript 'VFX_VARYING_POSWS' at line 3048 (on d3d11)" errors are thrown in the Console

Reproducible with: 4.10.0-preview(2018.4.25f1), 7.4.1(2019.4.5f1), 8.2.0(2020.1.0f1, 2020.2.0a19), 9.0.0-preview.33(2020.1.0f1, 2020.2.0a19)

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 7.5.1):

    Fixed in HDRP 7.5.1

Comments (2)

  1. Goliath520

    Apr 08, 2021 00:19

    I am still having this issue. HDRP version 8.2.0 and unity 2020.1.11f1. I tried copying and reconnecting the output, updating unity, reinstalling the packages but continue to run into the same issue.

  2. hook

    Mar 03, 2021 07:22

    You can try following steps:
    1 copy your output
    2 reconnect your output

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