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[HDRP] Subsequent Calls to HDAdditionalLightData.RequestShadowMapRendering or RequestSubShadowMapRendering Remain Inactive for On-Demand Shadow Requests When Directional Light is Disabled and Re-enabled



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached project “ReproProject”
2. Open the “Assets/OutdoorsScene.unity” scene
3. Enter Play Mode
4. In the Frame Debugger Window at (menu: Window > Analysis > Frame Debugger), search for “RenderShadowMaps”
5. In the Hierarchy Window, Select the “Sun” GameObject
6. In the Inspector Window, Disable and Re-enable the “Sun” GameObject
7. Repeat step 4 and Observe the result

Expected result: RenderShadowMaps is listed in the Frame Debugger
Actual result: No RenderShadowMaps

Reproducible with: 2023.3.0a11, 2023.3.0b4
Not reproducible with: 2021.3.34f1, 2022.3.18f1, 2023.2.7f1, 2023.3.0a10

Reproducible on: macOS (Intel), Windows 10 Pro 22H2, Windows 11 (10.0.22621) (by user)

Note: The shadows also stop rendering in the same manner if parameters on the Light are changed in the inspector while in play mode, for example, the Light intensity or angular diameter.

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