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[HDRP] Decal Projector with layer mask "nothing" doesn't affect transparent objects when Decal Layers are disabled in frame settings



Repro steps:
- Open scene in attached project
- In HDRP Global Settings / Frame Settings / Camera, enable / disable "Decal Layers"




Result : Transparent objects don't recieve decal, even when "Decal Layers" is disabled.


Expected : The decal projector layer mask is set to "nothing". When "Decal Layers" is disabled in the frame settings, the value of the decal projector should be ingored and it should be projected on the transparent objects.

Note : If the "Decal Layers" feature is disabled on the HDRP assets, it works like expected.

Reproduces with : 2021.3.20f1 LTS , 2022.2.11f1
Doesn't reproduce with : 2023.1.0b8, 2023.2.0a8

This PR might have fixed the issue as a side effect for 2023.x :

  1. Resolution Note:

    fixed starting from 23.1
    should be pretty simple to fix by adding _EnableDecalLayers check in the constant buffer but since it's very minor and has always been like that, we'll not fix it

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