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Fixed in 2022.2.17f1, 2023.1.0b13, 2023.2.0a3



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[HDRP] Buffers sampling in shadergraph is broken when using low resultion pass



Steps to reproduce:
* Open "Scenes/SampleScene" in the attached project
* Look at the game view rendering





Quad objects on the right (Low Resolution) should look similar to the ones on the left (Default).


Issue reported by a user on the forum here : []  A work around has been provided, but a fix in the source code would be better.

The issue seems to be cause by the _ScreenSize value not beeing updated in the shaders constant buffer when rendering the low resolution transparents pass.
I was able to fix the issue by updating it in HDRenderPipeline.RenderGraph.cs (L1189) with the following code change, but it is probably not a clean fix:

TextureHandle RenderLowResTransparent(RenderGraph renderGraph, HDCamera hdCamera, TextureHandle downsampledDepth, CullingResults cullingResults, RendererListHandle rendererList)
  using (var builder = renderGraph.AddRenderPass<RenderLowResTransparentPassData>("Low Res Transparent", out var passData, ProfilingSampler.Get(HDProfileId.LowResTransparent)))
    passData.globalCB = m_ShaderVariablesGlobalCB;
    passData.lowResScale = hdCamera.lowResScale;
    passData.frameSettings = hdCamera.frameSettings;
    passData.rendererList = builder.UseRendererList(rendererList);
    builder.UseDepthBuffer(downsampledDepth, DepthAccess.ReadWrite);
    // We need R16G16B16A16_SFloat as we need a proper alpha channel for compositing.
    var output = builder.UseColorBuffer(renderGraph.CreateTexture(new TextureDesc( * hdCamera.lowResScale, true, true)
      { colorFormat = GraphicsFormat.R16G16B16A16_SFloat, enableRandomWrite = true, clearBuffer = true, clearColor =, name = "Low res transparent" }), 0);    builder.SetRenderFunc(
      (RenderLowResTransparentPassData data, RenderGraphContext context) =>
        UpdateOffscreenRenderingConstants(ref data.globalCB, true, 1.0f / data.lowResScale);
        var origSize = data.globalCB._ScreenSize; // FIX
        data.globalCB._ScreenSize = Vector4.Scale(data.globalCB._ScreenSize, new Vector4(2f, 2f, 0.5f, 0.5f)); // FIX

ConstantBuffer.PushGlobal(context.cmd, data.globalCB, HDShaderIDs._ShaderVariablesGlobal);
DrawTransparentRendererList(context.renderContext, context.cmd, data.frameSettings, data.rendererList);
UpdateOffscreenRenderingConstants(ref data.globalCB, false, 1.0f);
        data.globalCB._ScreenSize = origSize; // FIX
        ConstantBuffer.PushGlobal(context.cmd, data.globalCB, HDShaderIDs._ShaderVariablesGlobal);
      });    return output;
} {code}

A test scene was added here :

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2023.2.0a3):

    This is now fixed and verified. Will be backported to 2023.1

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