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Graphics.DrawMeshInstanced doesn't draw anything in build




Priority: 7Not yet prioritized for a release


Severity: 2Core functionality majorly impacted

To reproduce:

1. Open the project, attached by the user (
2. Open the "SampleScene" scene
3. Enter Play mode
4. Observe that 3 red cubes are drawn
5. Build and run the project for PC standalone
6. Observe that in the build nothing is drawn

Expected: the cubes are drawn in the build as well

Reproduced in 2017.3.2f1, 2017.4.3f1, 2018.1.0f2, 2018.2.0b4, 2018.3.0a1

Reproduced on Windows, Mac and WebGL

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Resolution Note:

This happens because shader have instancing support but the material they use (with enabled instancing) is created at runtime, so the "instancing variants" are stripped on build. As a workaround it is enough to create material with this shader and instancing enabled and assign it to some public variable in script. But there might be better workarounds

Comments (9)

  1. B0e8fe43f59c4673ab018ca15e9ef51c?d=mm


    Dec 28, 2018 04:03

    I also having the same issue´╝îand i don't know how to fix it! I'm using Unity 2017.4.3.f

  2. 4b619cc364e6f24bf93220f91b4ba107?d=mm


    Oct 01, 2018 08:04

    Solve by attaching materials with our shader to a GameObject, then us:


    to load shader and copy it to runtime generated material

  3. 4b619cc364e6f24bf93220f91b4ba107?d=mm


    Sep 29, 2018 04:49

    not fixed in Unity-2018.2.10f1

  4. 4b619cc364e6f24bf93220f91b4ba107?d=mm


    Sep 22, 2018 01:13

    Bug still appears in Unity-2018.2.9f1

  5. 4b619cc364e6f24bf93220f91b4ba107?d=mm


    Sep 16, 2018 01:13

    Will this bug also remain us to build standalone regularly...

  6. 385395d9dba674596ca8483be66bfee3?d=mm


    Sep 15, 2018 18:49

    This is affecting our shipping game, any ETA on a fix?

  7. 4b619cc364e6f24bf93220f91b4ba107?d=mm


    Sep 14, 2018 02:47


  8. 4b619cc364e6f24bf93220f91b4ba107?d=mm


    Sep 12, 2018 08:46

    Dear all, this problem still exist in 2018.2.7f1.

    My scene is more complex but it works with on edit mode:

    But after building as standalone windows exe. The input still works, but I cannot see anything include ambient light color effect

  9. B670a6db5be3975aba12f5e4f7953883?d=mm


    Aug 17, 2018 01:13

    Hey I'm having the same issue, any news on that? On Editor the DrawMeshInstanced is working normally, but on a PC build it never shows up. I'm using Unity 2018.1.8f1

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