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Gradient Ambient is not a gradient on baked objects

Global Illumination


How to reproduce:

1. Open a new project
2. Create a cube
3. In the Lighting window, set the Ambient Source to Gradient and change the colours to be flamboyant and striking
- For results to be even more clear, you may also disable the Directional Light
4. Set the Cube to be Static
5. Save and Bake the scene
- Note how the cube is now coloured exclusively in the "Sky Colour" part of the Gradient
- This also happens in larger scenes with multiple objects

Comments (1)

  1. B0ed44e47d232985dd2e85a73e41d864?d=mm


    Apr 21, 2016 12:55

    I got same issue in 5.3.1p3

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