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GrabPass shader errors are thrown when using a projector with a specific shader

Graphics - General


To reproduce:
1. Open the attached project and "SampleScene".
2. Select the object "Distortion" from the hierarchy view.
3. Notice 'Shader properties can't be added to this global property sheet ...' errors in the console.
4. If you select any other object different than "Decal" and select "Distortion" again, the error continues appearing.
5. If you select "Decal" the errors stop appearing and will no longer appear until Unity is re-started.
6. If no errors appear, you can re-start Unity and follow the repro steps a couple of times.

Reproduced: 2017.1.3f1, 2017.2.3f1, 2017.3.2f1, 2017.4.4f1, 2018.1.2f1, 2018.2.0b6

Comments (3)

  1. 2f221f83141ac1d84c02dbf0e2615798?d=mm


    Feb 10, 2019 10:42

    if this project is HDRP, it no longer supports _GrabPass

  2. E2f4a5095e2759c6e4f6defa7503419d?d=mm


    Aug 09, 2018 00:07

    I do not understand why Unity wanted to pay attention to this, Grabpass + Projector simply hangs the game after compiled and executed.

  3. 92b95da64bdc9ec33262a192e9837a04?d=mm


    Jun 19, 2018 02:49

    "Won't Fix" ← wtf?

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