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[GPU Sorting] Outputs flicker when setting Alive selectively and sorting is on.

Package: Visual Effect Graph


Repro steps:
1. Import the attached VFX and add it to the scene
2 Observe the red particles flickering
3. Open the VFX and change the Blend Mode of the red particles to Opaque or Additive
4. Observe the flicker is gone.

- Seems more prominent once the particle capacity exceeds 4096
- Reproduces with both Alpha and Alpha Premultiplied
- Flickering disappears if Sorting is disabled
- Happens in latest master as well

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  1. TiManpTecnologia

    Oct 20, 2021 18:24

    They say is duplicated and solved, but it isn't. This super happens in android with Trail Renderer just as an example (even at distances or situations where id won't happen in opaque)

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