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[GPU PLM] Fallback to CPU PLM with various Open_CL errors when moving the viewport during baking with Progressive updates on

Progressive Lightmapper


Steps to repro:
1. Pull the Sponza HDRP project: and sync to the revision 9ffcf594acd6;
2. Open the 'Sponza' scene;
3. In the Project folder find the 'SponzaLightingDay' scene and drag it to the Hierarchy;
4. In the Hierarchy double-click on the 'SponzaLightingDay' scene;
5. In the Lighting window ensure that the Progressive GPU lightmapper is selected as the baking backend;
6. In the Lighting window press 'Generate Lighting' button;
7. Wait until the baking is completed;
8. When the baking is completed, click on the dropdown list on the right side of the 'Generate Lighting' button and select 'Clear Baked Data';
9. In the Lighting window press 'Generate Lighting' button;
10.During the baking move the viewport in the Scene view (by dragging the right mouse button or scrolling the mouse wheel).

Expected result:
GI bake finishes without errors or fallbacks to CPU Lightmapper.

Actual result:
The baking backend falls back to CPU Lightmapper. Following errors are shown in the Console:

- OpenCL Error. Falling back to CPU lightmapper. Error callback from context: CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES error executing CL_COMMAND_READ_BUFFER on GeForce RTX 2080 (Device 0).
- OpenCL Error. Falling back to CPU lightmapper. Error callback from context: CL_INVALID_EVENT
- Denoising step using GPU Lightmapper failed while trying to write the result to an OpenCL buffer.
- Baking will restart on fallback backend.

Regression introduced in Version 2020.2.0a13.
See the attached video.

- Reproducible in Version 2021.1.0a2, 2020.2.0b8, 2020.2.0b1, 2020.2.0a18, 2020.2.0a14, 2020.2.0a13;
- Not reproducible in Version 2020.2.0a12, 2020.2.0a11, 2020.1.10f1;
- Reproducible on Windows with GeForce RTX 2080 GPU;
- Reproducible with HDRP 10.0.0-preview 27 version;
- Reproducible only when the progressive updates are on, not reproducible when progressive updates are off.

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