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[GPU PLM]Fallback to CPU PLM with: '!useRadeon || (!radeonDenoiser.IsNull()' after switching filtering settings and rebaking GI

Progressive Lightmapper


Steps to repro:
1. Open the attached project;
2. In the Test Runner window (Window>General>Test Runner) under the Baking foldout section select BakeLightingGPU test;
3. In the Test Runner window under the Baking foldout section Shift-click and select BakeLightingGPUSubtractive to select all GPU PLM baking tests in this section;
4. In the Test Runner window right-click on the selection and press Run Selected button;
5. Wait until the tests are executed.

Expected result:
Selected tests pass successfully.

Actual result:
The tests fail with the following errors:
`Assertion failed on expression: '!useRadeon || (!radeonDenoiser.IsNull() && radeonDenoiser->GetRefCount() <= 1)'
`OpenCL Error. Falling back to CPU lightmapper. Error callback from context: IntersectionApi::Commit failure: likely out of GPU resources.`
`rif call failed with code -12.`
The lightmapper falls back to CPU PLM.

- Reproducible on Windows 10 with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 with the latest NVIDIA driver 471.96;
- Reproducible in Versions 2022.1.0a8, 2021.2.0b12, 2021.1.21f1;
- The case might be hardware and driver specific.

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