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Game View - The Scale value string is truncated

Scene/Game View


The text used for the Game View Scale value is currently truncated due to increasing the string length (both an increase in decimal places and placing an "x" character permanently at the end of the value). The label width needs to be increased.

1. Open Unity
2. Create a new project with any settings
3. Switch to the Game View
4. Increase and decrease the Game View Scale
5. Inspect the Scale value label

Expected Result:
The whole value should be visible.

Actual Result:
The value is truncated.

Tested on Windows.

Occurs on 2019.3.0a10, 2019.3.0a11

Does not occur on 2019.3.0a9

  1. Resolution Note:

    Cannot currently reproduce this. Will reopen when reliable steps to reproduce are found.

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