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Flipped camera target inconsistencies with CommandBuffer in Forward rendering



How to reproduce:

1. Open the attached project and "Test" scene in it.
2. Play the scene and select the "Main Camera" in project hierarchy.
3. Under TestImageEffect script component try switching between the 3 Test Cases and notice they are all fine.
4. Check MSAA2x checkbox on TestImageEffect component, switch again between 3 Test Cases and observe the issue.
5. Try to tick "Show Depth" checkbox and notice for Case 2 and 3 that Depth texture is fine in all cases, unlike the screen texture.
6. Try to set the camera rendering path to deferred, and notice screen/depth textures are fine in all cases.

Actual behavior: While MSAA2x is checked Case 1 flips the screen, Case 2 receives an empty _MainTex and Case 3 is flipped too.

Reproducible: 5.3.1f1, 5.3.3p3, 5.3.6f1, 5.4.0f1, 5.5.0a3

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  1. jimmikaelkael

    Jul 20, 2016 15:58

    Just one thing I need to add to be clear: please try to disable the DummyPostEffect component without altering anything else and you will notice the same problems as with MSAA
    , so it's not just a matter of getting MSAA enabled.

    It seems that getting a "OnRenderImage" implementation in one of the Post FX attached to the camera helps when MSAA is disabled, but this isn't reliable as it costs a blit when it could be avoided.

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