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Fixed in 2022.3.22f1, 2023.2.13f1, 2023.3.0b11



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[Properties] Find same properties issues



There are multiple issues with the Find same properties workflow:



1) Click on active property of GameObject doesn't yield anything:


Query should be h:#m_IsActive=True


2) Searching properties with an enum values containing spaces doesn't work. We need to Ensure that enum values do not contain spaces:


3) Local rotation (right click on rotation) doesn't provide a good query:


4) Occlucison culling mask on Camera (probably because it is a mask) doesn't yield results


5) Camera background color doesn't yiel results !image-2024-01-22-14-04-11-322.png!


6) Camera far clip plane works but near doesn't work



Potentially because float equal comparison is too precise because this query works


Similarly this query fails (probably because of float comparison)


7) Camera Viewport Rect doesn't return a proper query


8) Query with a null property doesn't format properly


9) BoxCollider IncludeLayers doesn't find anything on a prefab:


Possiblity because it is part of a struct? And this is not in SearchProposition. In this case we shouldn't allow the user to search for it. !image-2024-01-22-14-20-57-741.png!

10) On AssemblyRef searching for allo unsafe code doesn't even format a query: !image-2024-01-22-14-36-35-270.png!

In case of errors should we just print a warning?


11) String property *value* should be escaped with double quotes: !image-2024-01-22-14-38-58-419.png!


11) Right clicking on the Enabled checkbox of a component doesn't yield the proper query:


It should be






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