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Exceptions are thrown when clicking on Aspect Ration options for Display 2-8

Scene/Game View


To reproduce:
1. Open GameView
2. Select any Display from 2 to 8
3. Click on Aspect Ration options

Actual: Following exceptions are thrown in console:

ArgumentException: You can only call GUI functions from inside OnGUI.
UnityEngine.GUIUtility.CheckOnGUI () (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/IMGUI/Managed/GUIUtility.cs:347)
UnityEngine.GUI.set_skin (UnityEngine.GUISkin value) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/IMGUI/Managed/GUI.cs:53)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility.BeginGUI (Int32 skinMode, Int32 instanceID, Int32 useGUILayout) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/IMGUI/Managed/GUIUtility.cs:261)

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
UnityEngine.GUIUtility.EndGUI (Int32 layoutType) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/IMGUI/Managed/GUIUtility.cs:288)

Expected: Exception shouldn't appear in console

Reproducible: 2017.01b4, 2017.01a4
Not reproducible: 2017.01a3

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