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Error in console when using Find References In The Scene

Assets Management



Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 4Minor or cosmetic issue

Using find reference on prefab of empty game object which has a child with mesh renderer and clicking on it in the scene view results in an error in the console: " GetAllOverlapping failed, could not ignore game object 'Cube' when picking UnityEditor.DockArea:OnGUI() ".

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open attached project's scene "Cinema4DTest".
2. In Project view right click "Cube" and choose "Find References In Scene"
3. Click on Cube in the Scene view.
4. Error is thrown in the console. (On every click on the Cube)

Steps to reproduce without the project:
1. Create new project.
2. Create an Empty Game Object.
3. Create a Cube and parent it to created Empty Game Object.
4. Make a prefab out of Empty Game Object.
5. Right click on prefab and "Find References In Scene".
6. Click on the Cube in the scene view.
7. Error is thrown in the console. (On every click on the Cube)

Note: Parent Game Object can be empty, child has to have mesh renderer.

Fix verified on 5.3.0b6 (46b1550107d8).

Reproduced with Windows 10 x64 on 5.3.0a4 (5bdabab09322), 5.2.1f1 (56b983322e8a) and 5.2.0a2 (060bb4c42af6).

5.2.0a1 (bbf5f292fe79) - freezes then trying to repro.

No repro with: 5.1.4f1 (12aef866dfa3) and 5.1.1f1 (2046fc06d4d8).

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