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"Error adding system: Data not available." thrown when building specific scene setup

Global Illumination


To reproduce:
1. Open attached project
2. Open scene 3
3. Build standalone
4. Notice warning "GI output for inputsystem:xxxx is missing."
and error "Error adding system: Data not available."

Seems to happen when having open different scene than one being baked while building. Didn't notice any negative effects

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  1. C71804b7c8e9d2117b2af12e77566ef9?d=mm


    Apr 09, 2017 23:58

    I am getting this with a new project as of 4/9 with Unity version 5.5.0f3. It happens at run-time right after this line is executed:
    SceneManager.LoadScene( SceneManager.GetActiveScene().buildIndex );

    The scene reloads, but everything is dark and the error:
    "Error adding Enlighten system data: <large hex number>. RadiosityData is missing."

    This issue reproduces for me 100% of the time.

  2. 3c2079183571507d78394ffd286b5c8b?d=mm


    Jun 11, 2016 23:37

    Turning the 'Directional Mode' in General GI to 'Non-Directional' will solved the problems for me !!

  3. B06878ddcc898c4827ca965fc9a10df1?d=mm


    May 14, 2016 07:50

    Experiencing this as well. I've disabled "Baked GI" in my scenes because of another bug and it resulted to this bug? hmm...

  4. 3da26d932e7e9dd9112af3e4c4018d69?d=mm


    May 10, 2016 23:57


    It is apparently (I've not checked) fixed in Unity 5.4.0, which is a beta release right now. It's supposed to be released next month.

  5. 42c8892d13bf66f15c95d3803f565a9e?d=mm


    May 10, 2016 17:16

    why is this marked as fixed?

    do i not have the most recent unity version? 5.3.4.f1 (says its the most recent)...

    GI output for inputsystem: 69c802c3543fd2cafe35275b1687c166 (a5c047dd79b2a9d0f1885eb733ec6b26) is missing.

    Error adding system: Data not available.

    this mostly started when i started tweaking and trying to fix lighting... editor and build were completely different... i changed a bunch of settings and made it look good but now i have this popping up all the time...

  6. C6ad5d612328bb35b87af1af61f8d867?d=mm


    Apr 01, 2016 21:16

    I just noticed this error as well while I was modifying my directional light to be the same in three scenes. Now, I also changed a GameObject from one prefab to another, without replacing it in a script (as a "public GameObject player;"). I just fixed that issue and the error stopped. I'm not saying this is a fix, but it might give you a clue.

  7. 850f4c08053714e5ca2b741bc0cd9fc5?d=mm


    Apr 01, 2016 07:08

    Any solutions??

  8. 0084fe689aae52d150ff29ed09ccaf51?d=mm


    Mar 28, 2016 17:31

    Same here .Unity 5.3.3
    Dudes,start fixing these nasty bugs please!

  9. 44f088f0a275e6d1b2653a15424d6d50?d=mm


    Mar 25, 2016 02:07

    I'm using version 5.3.2f1 and got this error. Fortunately this doesn't seem to affect my project in any way, but it still bothers me to have an error on the console...

  10. 1af269587fa57be8cd4b798e7fc52a3c?d=mm


    Mar 24, 2016 06:05

    GI output for inputsystem: b8c3982bffe426f0f25064849de3c602 (9d46f8b46361834b6db698cc77f2fe34) is missing.

    followed by

    Error adding system: Data not available.

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