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EnumField control shows parts of another texture (may [not] be related to slicing in UIR)

UI Toolkit


There is a visual artifact in the UIElements' EnumField control with the latest NorthStar build. May/may not be related to slicing, which is used by the control. The arrow shows correctly (thanks to slicing), but the rest of the control background also shows strange stuff that seems to come from another portion of the cached texture. See attached image for an example (showing some green stuff behind the enum field value).

There is no easy workaround for end users.

Repro steps using Visual Scripting:

1) (download or clone using ssh
The package is also a Unity project. So you can load the project directly.
2) Choose Window > Visual Script to display the Visual Scripting window
3) Click on the "Create ECS Graph" button & follow instructions
4) In the newly created graph, right-click on the graph and select "Create Node" from the contextual menu
5) Enter "Stack" in the create node search box, press Enter
6) Right-click on the stack and select "Create Node" once more
7) Enter "Instantiate" in the create node search box, press Enter
8) Press the "+ Add Component" button in the Instantiate node
9) Select any component type from the available types, press Enter

Depending on the try, you should see something in the back of the added component's enum field, as shown in the attached image. Sometimes the texture is not as bad as the attached example, but you can see something.

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