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Editor's console unable to display unicode characters

Windows Store Apps


Building to Universal Windows Platform, when pc has Windows 10 Japanese version (display language: Japanese), errors in editor's console are showed as unreadable hieroglyphs.

Reproduced with 5.2, 5.3.

Repro steps:

Set up Japanese language on Win10. Press windows button -> Settings -> Time & Language -> Region & language tab -> Add a language (Japanse).
Set Japanese as default language.
Now go to "Region" settings. In "Administrative" tab press "Change system locale...". From drop down list pick Japanese. Restart computer. Windows should load with Japanese locale.

1. open project "".
2. build to WSA Universal 10 or WSA 8.1.
3. observe the console. Errors are showed as hieroglyphs.

Workaround: use English language for non-Unicode programs.

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