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Editor Modes: Don't allow the editor to name the window based on the tab while static tabs are on



* *Steps to reproduce:*

## Launch an MPPM player. (you can do this with an empty project with MPPM package)
### You can use [] if one isn't readily available
### TO Launch a Player use the Menu Window ->Multiplayer PlayMode
### Press the checkbox of Player. Wait for it to start. This can take a few minutes depending on the size of the project.
### The Player should start (see video). 
## In the Player, right click on one of the tabs (Console, Game) or attempt to drag a tab.
## Attempt to change layouts. 


*Actual results:* 

The Editor changes from "Player X" to "Game" or "Console"

*Expected results:* 
It should stay named "Player X"

*Reproducible with versions:* 

2023.3 +

*Not reproducible with versions:* 

*Can’t test with versions:* 

*Tested on (OS):* 



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