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Editor crashes with CachedWriter::Write when building project with missing Project ID

Deployment Management


How to reproduce:
1. Download and open "SceneBuilder" project
2. Build & Run project
3. Click "Yes" button in Missing Project ID pop-up window

Expected result: Editor does not crash
Actual result: Editor crashes

Reproduced with: 2018.1.9f2, 2018.2.8f1, 2018.3.0b2, 2019.1.0a1
Does not reproduce with 2017.4.11f1 as there are compilation errors

Top of stacktrace:
0x0000000142AF98C7 (Unity) memcpy
0x00000001409D6DE7 (Unity) CachedWriter::Write
0x0000000140C8A960 (Unity) StreamedBinaryWrite::TransferResourceImage
0x00000001407D270F (Unity) Texture2D::Transfer<StreamedBinaryWrite>
0x0000000140C8402D (Unity) SerializedFile::WriteObject
0x0000000140C67FA0 (Unity) PersistentManager::WriteFile
0x0000000140C6900F (Unity) PersistentManager::WriteFile
0x0000000140DC1518 (Unity) WriteSharedAssetFile
0x0000000140DAC251 (Unity) CompileSharedAssetsFile
0x0000000140D7798C (Unity) BuildPlayerData
0x0000000140D82AC5 (Unity) DoBuildPlayer_Build
0x0000000140D825B2 (Unity) DoBuildPlayer
0x0000000140D74D95 (Unity) BuildPlayer
0x000000014229063A (Unity) BuildPipeline::BuildPlayerInternalNoCheck
0x000000014228E74C (Unity) BuildPipeline_CUSTOM_BuildPlayerInternalNoCheck

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