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DontDestroyOnLoad destroys GameObject in the build when the game is built in Android



How to reproduce:
1. Open user's project
2. Play the scene
3. Type user: admin, password: admin and press Login
A new scene should load, you can see that username "admin" was saved and it is visible in the right top corner.
4. In user's project zip "" you can find showEAT.apk, install it in Android device
5. Launch "showEAT" app, type user: admin, password: admin and press Login
Username is not visible in the top right corner.

Expected result: DontDestroyOnLoad does not destroy GameObject
Actual result: DontDestroyOnLoad does destroy GameObject

Reproducible with - 2018.3.0a4, 2018.2.0f1, 2018.1.7f1
Not reproducible with - 2017.4 and lower (Vuforia ExtensionImport.cs does not contain 'targetArchitectures')

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  1. Eb6fcf70a1a2b1dd143d64795425fbd3?d=mm


    Nov 05, 2018 17:17

    Can confirm 2018.1.7f1 having the same issue but not with an android build, but with the win86x standalone dev build. Was wondering why I got the bug, as I knew that this worked fine on earlier versions. So yea, reproduceable and doesn't seem to be just when building for android, but for standalone as well (probably every target platform).

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