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[DLSS][XR][HDRP] DLSS creates anti-aliasing artifacts with Single Pass and Multi Pass Instancing

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline HD


Reproduction steps:
1. Open the user's attached project ""
2. Connect Oculus 1/2
3. Enter Play Mode
4. Observe the jagged edges of the Sphere

Expected result: Enabling DLSS does not create anti-aliasing artifacts and the edges are smooth
Actual result: Enabling DLSS creates anti-aliasing artifacts and the edges are jagged (see attached Results.png)

Reproduces on: HDRP 12.0.0 (2021.2.0b12, 2022.1.0a9)
Could not test 2019.4.30f1, 2020.3.22f1, 2021.1.18f1 due to errors when downgrading the project

-Disabling DLSS and also disabling AA will show fewer jagged edges. Enabling FXAA and disabling DLSS will also show fewer artifacts
-User mentioned that the issue reproduces also with Mock HMD
-DLSS is enabled in "Assets/HDRPDefaultResources/DefaultHDRPAsset.asset" at Maximum Quality

  1. Resolution Note:

    The Camera Jitter setting was set to false in the HDRP asset under XR. Enabling this option fixes the anti-aliasing.

Comments (1)

  1. jeanpaul84

    Oct 08, 2021 02:02

    This issue is caused by "Camera Jitter" in XR HDRP settings being off. When off, the jitterx/y that is sent to DLSS is zeroed out causing jagged edges in the output.

    There should be a warning to warn the user that DLSS won't work correctly if this setting is disabled.

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