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[DirectX 12] Editor crashes on Removing Direct3D12 Windows Graphics APIs from list



Editor crashes on Removing Direct3D12 Windows Graphics APIs from list

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a new project
2. File > Build Settings > Player Settings
3. Other Settings > Uncheck "Auto-Graphics API for Window" checkbox.
4. Add Direct3D12 > move to the top of the list > Apply.
5. Select Direct3D12 (Experimental) APIs > Click on Remove Selection From List (-)
6. Click "Apply" on "Changing editor graphics device" confirmation dialog box

Actual Result:
Editor crashes.

Expected Result:
Graphics APIs switches to Direct3D11 and remove Direct3D12 from the list.

Can't able to check on 2019.2.0a6 because of the reported issue, Bug ID: 1127388, "[DirectX 12] Editor crashes on switching Windows Graphics APIs to Direct3D12"

Reproducible on:
2019.2.0a7 (d06a032e8889)

Works fine on:
2019.2.0a5, 2019.1.0b5 (9899a5bd7e43)

Occurs only on Windows

========== OUTPUTTING STACK TRACE ==================

0x00007FF6E4A32303 (Unity) GfxDeviceD3D12::QueueRelease
0x00007FF6E4A45A18 (Unity) TexturesD3D12::DeleteImageDataImmediate
0x00007FF6E4A45C8B (Unity) TexturesD3D12::DeleteTextureImmediate
0x00007FF6E4A31778 (Unity) GfxDeviceD3D12::ProcessReleaseQueue
0x00007FF6E4A1FF17 (Unity) GfxDeviceD3D12::~GfxDeviceD3D12
0x00007FF6E4A215D4 (Unity) GfxDeviceD3D12::`vector deleting destructor'
0x00007FF6E3F7E52C (Unity) DestroyRealGfxDevice
0x00007FF6E4A7DF54 (Unity) GfxDeviceWorker::~GfxDeviceWorker
0x00007FF6E4A7E3F4 (Unity) GfxDeviceWorker::`vector deleting destructor'
0x00007FF6E4A5FE30 (Unity) GfxDeviceClient::`vector deleting destructor'
0x00007FF6E3F7E472 (Unity) DestroyGfxDevice
0x00007FF6E3F506A9 (Unity) RecreateGfxDevice
0x00007FF6E4088160 (Unity) Application::TickTimer
0x00007FF6E4358BF3 (Unity) MainMessageLoop
0x00007FF6E43623D0 (Unity) WinMain
0x00007FF6E6F86962 (Unity) __scrt_common_main_seh
0x00007FF84B273DC4 (KERNEL32) BaseThreadInitThunk
0x00007FF84B753691 (ntdll) RtlUserThreadStart

========== END OF STACKTRACE ===========

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