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Fix In Review for 2022.3.21f1, 2023.2.11f1

Fixed in 2023.3.0a1



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Depth is not rendered in a depth-only camera which is set up by a custom script



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached "" project
2. Open the "SampleScene" Scene
3. Enter the Play Mode
4. Enable the Frame Debugger and observe the output for the "Custom Camera"

Expected result: Depth is rendered on a depth-only camera
Actual result: Depth is not rendered on a depth-only camera

Reproduced with: 14.0.8 (2022.3.1f1), 15.0.5 (2023.1.0b20), 16.0.2 (2023.2.0a18)
Couldn’t test with: 12.1.12 (2021.3.27f1) - Couldn’t resolve errors

Reproduced on: macOS 13.4 (by user), Windows 10

Note: Depth-only camera is initiated with the “DepthCapture“ script

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2023.3.0a1):

    So by default this will not look like it's fixed due to another issue that's being investigated. But the gist of it is - default value of UniversalRenderPipeline.SingleCameraRequest is not ok to be used in RenderRequest, because it must have destination set( In your case this is targetTexture set on the Camera which calls the render request. This is going to be fixed in the future.

    So please set the destination in your script and it should work fine now.

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