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Delegate registered with RegisterLogCallback() is not fired after exiting Playback



RegisterLogCallback not fired after playmode changes

If you register a log callback using the 'Application.RegisterLogCallback' API, the specified callback doesn't get fired anymore when you switch the playmode twice (> Play > Stop).

* Open the attached example project
* Open from the main menu 'BugReport > RegisterLogCallback'
* Press 'Log' and notice the text that appears in this window. This is the text from the last 'Application.RegisterLogCallback' call.
* Press 'Play' to start playback.
* Press 'Log' and notice the text changes.
* Press 'Play' to stop playback.
* Press 'Log' again
=> Notice the text does NOT change anymore. The callback registred with
'Application.RegisterLogCallback' isn't called anymore.

Expected behaviour:
The specified callback should always get fired, no matter how often the playmode is changed, until it gets unsubscribed from the log event.

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