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Custom shader produces incorrect results when built with GLES3 Graphics API

Graphics - General


To reproduce:

1.Download and open "" project.
2.Build and run "Test_01" scene on a device.
3.Notice that sphere looks differently from the one in the editor.

Expected result: Shader is compiled correctly on device and sphere looks the same as in the editor.
Actual result: Shader looks incorrect when project is built on device.

Reproduced with : 5.5.3f1, 5.6.0f3, 2017.1.0a6

Samsung SM G925F (Galaxy S6 Edge), OS:6.0.1, CPU:arm64-v8a, GPU:Mali-T760, Build:samsung/zeroltexx/zerolte:6.0.1/MMB29K/G925FXXU5DQA7:user/release-keys

Sony D6603 (Xperia Z3), OS:5.1.1, CPU:armeabi-v7a, GPU:Adreno (TM) 330, Build:Sony/D6603/D6603:5.1.1/23.4.A.1.264/2418263178:user/release-keys

Verizon SM G930V (Galaxy S7 Verizon), OS:6.0.1, CPU:arm64-v8a, GPU:Adreno (TM) 530, Build:Verizon/heroqltevzw/heroqltevzw:6.0.1/MMB29M/G930VVRU2APG3:user/release-keys

Notes: Everything works as intended when built with GLES2 Graphics API on Galaxy S6 Edge and Xperia Z3. However, on Galaxy S7 Verizon on both GLES3 and GLES2 issue reproduces. Also reproduced on IOS device Apple Iphone 6s.

Verified with: 2017.2.0b2

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