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Custom font has wrong vertical alignment



Steps to reproduce:

1. Open attached project
2. Open scene "Test"
3. Scene contains two buttons, one which has text in Arial and other which uses Myriad Pro font. Other properties of these buttons are identical
4. Notice that text in Myriad Pro has wrong vertical alignment

Reproduced with: 5.2.4f1, 5.3.2p4, 5.4.0b7

Comments (4)

  1. shubhamswaraj2021

    Aug 19, 2020 05:31

    good one <a href="">lyricsauto</a>

  2. Ante

    Feb 25, 2016 22:56

    This is also holding back a release for me. In 5.3.2, text was too high in one project, preventing me from releasing. 5.3.3 fixed that, but now broke a newer project, where all of the text is now too low. This is critical for me.

  3. bdominguezvw

    Feb 25, 2016 08:27

    5.4? It's schedule to March 16.

    We need it in a 5.3.3pX patch release, please.


  4. bdominguezvw

    Feb 24, 2016 08:41

    When is scheduled to be fixed? It's really critical as we can't use custom fonts in any project.

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