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Cubemaps get noticeable seams when built for iOS



See the following screenshot for an example:

It gets seams not only on the cubed skybox but also on the reflection probe.

This occurs with all the available graphics API (GLES2/GLES3/Metal), and doesn’t occur on the Apple A5 generation devices.

Comments (5)

  1. SunnyChow

    Oct 26, 2016 04:40

    still get this problem

  2. andrewdoll

    Oct 21, 2016 21:06

    I'm experiencing this issue in 5.3.4p6. The seams are visible on iOS devices with Retina displays like the iPhone 6s, but not on iPad 2 or iPad mini (first gen).

  3. brownboot67

    Jan 04, 2016 18:07

    This still occurs in 5.2.2p4

  4. Gulfaero

    Oct 27, 2015 13:30

    Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated! Tested on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ with visible seams. Also tested on iPad Air and iPhone 5s with no visible seams.

  5. melgeorgiou

    Apr 18, 2015 21:56

    Yep very annoying and I'm surprised there isn't any more reports about this. Tested on iPhone6+

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