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Crashes related to Android custom cursors



A recent PR that added support for Android custom cursors also caused 2 regressions/crashes that are closely related.

The first crash: In a debug Android build, with no custom cursor set, you can see a crash at startup with a simple Unity project. This does not happen in development or release builds. In development/release builds, you will see a "JNI" error in the log output, but the build will function normally.

Repro steps:
1. Create a new Unity project.
2. Deploy a debug Android player to an Android device.
3. Android will crash at startup.

The expected result is that a debug build should start and run with no issues.

The second crash's repro steps:
1. Create a Unity project.
2. Set a default custom cursor that is of an incorrect format; for example, select one of the built-in texture resources within Unity. You will get a warning in the Unity Editor that the texture has the wrong format, but you will still be allowed to build and run the Android player.
3. Android will crash at startup.

The expected result is that you will see the default cursor and not a custom cursor, since it was set up incorrectly. There should be no crash.

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