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Crashes on some Macs in GetCurrentResolution when manipulating monitors

Window management


Low frequency issue on mac that has been seen since 3.0 when adding or removing projectors, monitors, going out of sleep and similar transitions.

Call stack shows that the crashes occur at all stages of execution, TickTimer->PlayerLoop, InitializeProject, TickPackageImport.

All of the currently known cases are on Mac.

It should be noted that I've seen this call stack as old crashes on mac's as well. Where the user simply opted not to report the crash, but then makes a manual request, such giving us the call stack.

PS: I've seen many other PC issues that uses the word sleep mode, however the PC is not equally nice to crash in one place. But it raises concern that we're prone to see some sort of regression when this is fixed.

That's why I marked it priority 1, so we get a few beta and RC cycles to verify that there is no regressions.

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