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Crash related to Prefabs when doing Reimport All of this project

Scene Management


Reproduces on 2022.2.0a9, 2022.2.0a10
Not Reproduces on 2022.2.0a3 and think 2022.2.0a6 (didn't check other versions)

How can we reproduce it using the example you attached
1 Open attached project
2 In Project browser click RightMouse Button->Reimport All
3 If it didn't crash repeat step 2 again
Note: it also crash if do "Reimport" of the whole Assets folder

Expected Result: Editor should not crash
Actual Result: Editor crashes with this Stack Trace:

Obtained 20 stack frames
0x00007ff751b60967 (Unity) Unity::Cloth::Setup
0x00007ff751b5b013 (Unity) Unity::Cloth::AwakeFromLoad
0x00007ff7516d904f (Unity) AwakeFromLoadQueue::InvokePersistentManagerAwake
0x00007ff7516d9d5c (Unity) AwakeFromLoadQueue::PersistentManagerAwakeFromLoad
0x00007ff7516d9ec3 (Unity) AwakeFromLoadQueue::PersistentManagerAwakeFromLoad
0x00007ff752253904 (Unity) PrefabImporter::GenerateAssetData
0x00007ff75299bbbb (Unity) ImportToObjects
0x00007ff75299ac33 (Unity) ImportAsset
0x00007ff7529bef8a (Unity) AssetImportWorker::Import
0x00007ff7529eea4a (Unity) AssetImportManager::ImportInProcess
0x00007ff7529eb96a (Unity) AssetImportManager::Import
0x00007ff7529ef6da (Unity) ImportOutOfDateAssets
0x00007ff7529fa811 (Unity) RefreshInternalV2
0x00007ff752a024bf (Unity) StopAssetImportingV2Internal
0x00007ff7529efc15 (Unity) InitialRefreshV2
0x00007ff75221e32b (Unity) Application::InitializeProject
0x00007ff75268a4ba (Unity) WinMain
0x00007ff7539c09fe (Unity) __scrt_common_main_seh
0x00007ff9ebf47034 (KERNEL32) BaseThreadInitThunk
0x00007ff9edae2651 (ntdll) RtlUserThreadStart

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