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Crash on mdb_page_alloc when opening a project that was running while the PC shut down



Steps to reproduce:
1. Open the attached “repro project”
2. Observe the crash

Reproducible with versions: 2021.3.37f1
Not reproducible with versions: 2022.3.25f1, 2023.2.19f1, 6000.0.0b15

Reproducible on: macOS Sonoma 14.4.1 (Intel), Windows 11 (by the reporter)
Not reproducible on: no other environment tested

First few lines of Stack Trace:

{noformat}0x00007ff69ae1bc7d (Unity) mdb_page_alloc
0x00007ff69ae1cff1 (Unity) mdb_page_split
0x00007ff69ae1666f (Unity) mdb_cursor_put
0x00007ff69ae1e638 (Unity) mdb_put
0x00007ff69a69db69 (Unity) LMDB_Map::Set{noformat}

Note: the crash started to occur for the user after the PC shut down while a script was being edited

  1. This is a duplicate of issue #UUM-14959

    Crash on GetAssetCachedInfoV2 when opening a project

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