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Crash in VRVuforia::CleanupDistortionMeshData when entering play mode and having both XR settings enabled



How to reproduce:
1. Open attached project or create an empty project
2. Go to File>Build Settings>Player Settings>XR Settings
3. Enable both Vuforia AR and Virtual Reality Supported
4. Enter play mode

Expected result: Play mode works
Actual result: Unity crashes upon entering play mode

Reproducible with: 2017.2.0b2

Note: Vuforia AR was only introduced in 2017.2.0b2, that's why it's only reproducible on that version.

More of stack trace:

0x0000000141DC3455 (Unity) aligned_free
0x0000000140220C09 (Unity) MemoryManager::Deallocate
0x0000000140220F66 (Unity) MemoryManager::Deallocate
0x000000014187199B (Unity) VRVuforia::CleanupDistortionMeshData
0x0000000141872237 (Unity) VRVuforia::InitializeCallback
0x000000014180F8C1 (Unity) VRDevice::Initialize

Fixed in 2017.2.0b4

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