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Won't Fix in 1.7.X



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Compile errors when building for Android, reported from forum

Package: OpenXR Plugin


User reported a bug here: [] (details)

I asked him to attach a repro project. Please see the zip file in the link. 


Might be a good task for our new hires to try out the repro project and see if they could repro it and fix it accordingly if so. 

  1. Resolution Note:

    There are no fixes planned for this Bug

  2. Resolution Note (1.7.X):

    Tested the user's provided a minimal repro project with steps, on Windows 10 and Windows 11 and couldn't reproduce the error the user was getting.
    Tanya Li Also tested it on OSX and similarly could not reproduce the issue. So, we believe it maybe a project specific/local issue.
    We will keep an eye out if this issue pops up for others and circle back.

    Informed user via the forum that we were not able to reproduce their issue. They had no further information or steps to help us try to reproduce this issue therefore there is nothing further we can do at this time.

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