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Compilation error causes locked inspector to freeze

Inspector Framework


Steps to reproduce:
1. Open user's attached project.
2. Open the scene called "Test".
3. Select "GameObject" from the hierarchy.
--- Note that it has a component called Script1.
4. Lock the inspector panel.
5. In the project, select Script1 and duplicate it, which will cause a compilation error.
--- Note that the inspector no longer redraws and the error spam in the console.
--- Note that the inspector can no longer be unlocked and the tab cannot be closed.
6. Delete the duplicated script.
--- Note that the inspector returns to life.

Regression introduced in 5.3.4p4

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  1. 037b92c3d3eef1274d76198800d5d3ab?d=mm


    Jun 15, 2016 20:27

    I run into a similar situation when reimporting objects. The inspector display disappears completely.

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