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collision2D.contacts often reports a normalImpulse of 0 for heavy collisions



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  1. Df6e86428e1d855b00b6734aa85bdefd?d=mm


    Oct 16, 2018 13:01

    btw I'm no longer seeing this bug between box collider and circle collider collsions, only between circles.

  2. Df6e86428e1d855b00b6734aa85bdefd?d=mm


    Oct 16, 2018 12:59

    This is not completely fixed in 2018.3.0b5 as said in the release notes.

    Still often return 0 for both impulses.

    When it does return 0, the relative Velocity is oddly VERY high.

    I'm seeing this about 20% of the time with big and medium hits between to circlecolliders

  3. Df6e86428e1d855b00b6734aa85bdefd?d=mm


    Oct 03, 2018 10:18

    This is also all true of contacts[0].tangentImpulse. Whenever normalImpulse returns 0, so does the tangentImpulse.

    Further, it's not a different contact. I've checked contacts[1] and up, they don't have anything at all (null), when this problem occurs. So it's simply a problem with lost contact information.

    This is a HUGE problem for dynamic game sounds that are based on the extent of physical responses. Please fix.

    It's comically obvious if/when sounds are based on these values.

  4. Df6e86428e1d855b00b6734aa85bdefd?d=mm


    Oct 02, 2018 16:04

    Where is this fixed? Still occurring in 2018.3 betas.

    Frequency is about 20% of same sized collisions when they're moderate hits. About 10% for lesser hits and about as much as 50% for heavy contacts.

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