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Collab - Deep Dive Start - Initial Publish needs better input lag handling



Assuming you have a new project and Collab was never enabled. This issue assumes you have one of the following as well:
a) A project containing many files (the video has 5 folders each containing 1000 text files of small size)
b) An existing project of large size

N.B.: This issue is being entered as part of a focus on the Start functionality. This is part of the effort to solidify the handle, from a user perspective, of the first interaction with Collaborate.

1. Launch Unity
2. On the Launcher, select new project.
3. Once Unity Editor has launched, enable Collaborate [Do this by clicking the Collab button on the upper right side of the window]

Notice that the user needs to click on Start a few times before the transaction actually starts. Notice as well that the actual progress bar does not populate immediately.

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