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Changing Object Variable Names are not update on Graph

Package: Visual Scripting


Stems from loosely coupled variables but I thought I would bug how frustrating it can be. 

When trying to get/set a variable in the graph. If I change the name of a variable, via the inspector, the name is not updated in the graph. 

This is frustrating as changing a variable name means manually going through all my macros and updating the nodes. 

Steps to reproduce. 
* git clone (3b6fa593a4f04f7bb109c205a3f21cdff213c30a)
* Open the UFODemo scene
* Play the scene
* Notice the Current Room updates to Room1
* Stop the game
* Select the UI gameObject 
* In the inspector change the UIRoom Variable to TEST. 
* Play the scene
* The current room is not set. Errors in the console about a missing variable.
* Stop the scene
* Open the floor macro
* Play the scene

Notice issue >> The UIRoom variable is not updated to Test. Clicking the dropdown reveals the available variables. 

Expected. If I change a variable name in a C# script I get a compile error. In a visual graph, I would expect Bolt to automatically updated variables names so i don't waste time entering play mode or build my projects.   

  1. Resolution Note:

    It will be converted to a feature request

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