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Changing AnimatorCullingMode from Always Animate to Cull Completely does not increase FPS



To reproduce:
1. Open attached project ("761215.rar")
2. Open "Demo" scene
3. Select Maximize on play in the Game window
4. Adjust position of Main Camera so that only part of instantiated game objects could be seen
5. Open Profiler
6. Play the scene
7. Wait a bit, notice that animation is playing fast on visible game objects (Culling Mode is Cull Completely)
8. Click "Always Animate" button
9. Wait a bit, notice that animation slows down
10. Click "Cull Completely" button

Actual behavior: After selecting Cull Completely in step 10, FPS does not increase (see pic below)

Note: if FPS is the same in 7 and 9 steps, try to change "Count" property in Sphere game object

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