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[DX11] CaptureScreenshot produces black image when non-native fullscreen resolution + MSAA

Graphics - General


Application.CaptureScreenshot produces a completely black image when all the following conditions are met:

- DirectX 11 is enabled.
- The application is running in the full screen mode.
- The graphics quality is set to "Fantastic".
- The chosen screen resolution doesn't match the native resolution of the current display environment.

Build and run the attached project on a Windows system which is capable of DX11.
2. Choose "640 x 400" and "Fantastic". Then press Play.
3. Click the screen. It takes a screenshot.
4. Check the screenshot which is in the Data directory.

Comments (6)

  1. D86c325dfc6effa5c44b12ded075c70f?d=mm


    Aug 11, 2016 18:34

    5.4... same!

  2. 49d76b6035b403e1e7a34fe7ec8de79f?d=mm


    Dec 13, 2015 23:38

    5.3, not fixed. I don't my screenshots without antialias, also, some post-process doesn't appear on the screenshots.

  3. 1d82f52365c8e4b3f05f62db7e41fe06?d=mm


    Oct 21, 2015 18:47

    Switching off Anti Aliasing in Quality Settings solves the problem.

  4. 648ac4516ba96bdd758056f6a3732b73?d=mm


    Sep 16, 2015 15:00

    This issue still exit in unity 5.2

  5. 88b512fe0a540d4ba769282a5079a95a?d=mm


    Aug 12, 2015 23:38

    Switching off anti-aliasing in the quality settings did the trick for me, which is annoying but not a huge issue since I'm taking oversized screenshots and then scaling them down in Photoshop.

  6. 4d7560b1d07558eb4c5dfe4120745f19?d=mm


    Jun 30, 2015 12:49

    Same here. Only solved switching to DX9.

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