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Can’t move a folder when using Perforce integration

Version Control


When using Perforce version control integration, it fails to submit a changeset that moves a folder into another folder.

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  1. malcolmanderson

    Jul 08, 2023 07:52

    I have a similar problem

  2. HowardHeath

    Jun 22, 2023 10:31

    th fro information

  3. shubhamswaraj2021

    Aug 18, 2020 17:09

    good one <a href="">lyricsauto</a>

  4. louisarthur

    Jun 26, 2020 09:13

    Maybe there is no perfect location from where you move towards the other folder or may be a file have missed I think these two problems may harm!

  5. mani1999

    Apr 18, 2020 10:47

    i facing an issue in site loading.

  6. gmvkk0852

    Feb 02, 2020 21:36


  7. kasigorabada

    Nov 12, 2019 10:09

    Replying to an old thread but i also faced similar issue in the past which mess up the entire projects.

  8. andersthefistpump

    Jun 03, 2016 09:07

    Moving folders does not work in Unity 5.4. Moving a folder causes p4 to check out the corresponding files but it does not add the files in the new location as expected and does not remove the files in the old location.

    Expected: Moving a file/folder should,
    Mark old files for delete
    Mark new files as Add

  9. colinday

    Nov 21, 2015 02:52

    I'd like to point out that this is fully supported by P4Connect, but I'd much rather use the Unity Perforce integration because they respect they server type map and the icons are easier to see.

  10. colinday

    Oct 02, 2015 00:39

    Not being able to move folders is not only a deal breaking feature, it gets your project into a completely messed up and invalid state.

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