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Can't load a scene from asset bundle if scene has a period in the name

Asset Bundles


To reproduce:
1. Open users attached project ""
2. Enable Development Build
3. Open the built project
4. Press Assets/Test.1.unity button

Expected result: scene is loaded
Actual result: getting
Scene 'Assets/Test.1.unity' couldn't be loaded because it has not been added to the build settings or the AssetBundle has not been loaded.
To add a scene to the build settings use the menu File->Build Settings... error

Reproduced on: 2017.1.3p3 2017.2.1f1 2017.2.2p3

Scripting Runtime Version: Experimental (.NET 4.6 Equivalent)
Api Compatibility level: .Net 4.6

Was unable to test on iOS device, only getting a black scene.
Can not test on 5.6.x because of the C# 4.0 errors

From 2017.3.0a2 to 2018.2.0a9 crashes the build

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