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Cannot navigate Project window using arrow keys after renaming an Asset when a custom pop-up confirmation window is used



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached “BugRepro” project
2. In the Project window, select the “Assets/Asset1” Asset and open its context menu
3. Select “Rename”, enter any name and press the Enter key
4. In the pop-up Asset move window, press “Yes, move”
5. Try to navigate in the Project window, using the arrow keys on the keyboard

Expected result: You can navigate the Project window using the arrow keys
Actual result: The project window does not react to arrow key inputs until something in it is selected using the mouse again

Reproducible with: 2021.3.35f1, 2022.3.20f1, 2023.2.12f1, 2023.3.0b9

Reproducible on: Windows 11
Not reproducible on: No other environment tested

  1. Resolution Note:

    The asset preprocessor attached to this report displays a dialog window, stealing the focus away from the project browser. We don't automatically restore the previous focus when closing a focused window. That's why the project browser no longer reacts to keyboard events until you re-focus it.

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