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[Camera] Preview window doesn't maintain its size on assigning render texture



Preview windows shrink on assigning render texture,

Steps to Repro:
1. Create a new Project
2. Project window > right-click > Render Texture
3. Hierarchy > Main Camera > assign Render Texture

Actual Result:
1. Main Camera preview windows shrink
2. It looks like Preview's size is depended on render texture size, however, if render texture size is increased to 5000x5000 still the preview window is shrunken

Expected Result:
Main camera window maintains its size

Windows and Mac

Occurring with:
2019.3.0a4, 2019.2.0b4, 2018.3.13f1, 2018.2.7f1, 2018.2.0a6

Working with:
2018.2.0a5, 2018.1.9f2, 2017.4.17f1

  1. Resolution Note:

    The preview camera aligns to the target texture aspect which is expected behavior.

    Without setting target texture on the camera, the backbuffer of the camera (you can still treat it as a hidden target texture) has the size that is aligned with the GameView settings. So you can see the preview changes it's aspect according to the GameView setting.

    With target texture, the camera renders into this texture instead (not backbuffer) so it will not take GameView settings. Thus the preview would behave the same.

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